Yet Another Page on Readings in Distributed Systems

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This page is dedicated to general discussion of distributed systems, references to general overviews and the like. Distributed systems are difficult and even the well established ones aren't bulletproof. How can we make this better? As SysAdmins? As Developers? First we can attempt to understand some of the issues related to designing and implementing distributed systems. Then we can throw all that out and figure out what really happens to distributed systems.

"Distributed systems are hard." -Everyone.

Recommended Reading


The Jepsen "Call me maybe" articles are really good, well written essays on topics and technologies related to distributed systems.

Introductory post to the "Call me maybe" series:

Here are some personal recommendations:

Really anything from Ferd Herbert is good. Particularly, the first and last chapters of Erlang In Anger which includes longer essays from his blog posts.

General Networking

Hadoop ecosystem

This link is more specific to HDFS and is a rather limited experiment but nonetheless a good read to further understand partition issues that can arise in Hadoop systems:

More links from the Jepsen essays: